The LMU-700 high-value tracking unit from CalAmp features a small size, superior GPS performance, ultra low power sleep modes

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The LMU-2000 full featured tracking unit from CalAmp

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The LMU-3000 full featured tracking unit from CalAmp

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  • GPS Fleet Management Solutions

    GPS Fleet Management Solutions

    Wyless Telematics GPS Fleet Management Solutions enables visibility into real-time field status so fleet operators and dispatchers make intelligent decisions to optimize mobile worker performance.

  • Mobile Workforce Performance

    Mobile Workforce Performance

    Wyless Telematics helps manage overall mobile workforce performance, reduce costs and maximize customers' satisfaction for local fleets of any size in a number of industries.

  • Scheduling and Dispatch Solutions

    Scheduling and Dispatch Solutions

    Wyless Telematics scheduling and dispatch solutions allow businesses to optimize, manage and communicate day-to-day activities with drivers and field technicians using real-time data and scheduling automation.

  • Work Management

    Work Management

    Wyless Telematics WorkManagement, powered by DPS, enables you to manage your fleet productivity by providing your visibility into vehicle and mobile worker utilization.

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    Integrated with Fleet Management capabilities, WorkManagement delivers the circle of services that make it easy for you to route, schedule and dispatch work to maximize the mobile workday and increase productivity.

  • Driver Improvement Scheme

    Driver Improvement Scheme

    Wyless Telematics Driver Improvement Scheme provides drivers real-time driver-style feedback and gives managers or supervisors the visibility needed to ensure that drivers are safe.


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